5 Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day

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You grab the kids, stumble into the school carrying various lunches, backpacks and science projects. You rush into the classroom plopping down your child’s things only to see their classmates handing the teacher various thank you gifts and bags. Is it Teacher Appreciation Day already? Now what?

Teacher Appreciation Day always has a way of sneaking up on you. It isn’t because you don’t care, or because you don’t value the immense impact they have on your child’s life. Sometimes life just happens and things get forgotten. But this year, we’re helping you get ahead of the game, and even win yourself some brownie points in the process, with these Top 5 Personalized Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day.

We’ve come up with a special list of personalized gifts to show your child’s teacher how thankful you are for all that they do. From comforting boo-boos to teaching them to read and write – these individuals really do it all and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Teacher Appreciation Gift: Photo Notepad

Custom Photo Notepad, $12.99

Every teacher needs a notepad, but a photo notepad makes it all the more special. Photo notepads let you get creative with personalization. You can include a picture of your child, the class, the teacher or something related to the subject they teach. It’ll be a pleasant and useful surprise!

Teacher Appreciation Gift: Weekly Calendar

Photo Magnetic Weekly Calendar, $29.99

Photo calendars are always a great gift idea because as we know, a teacher’s week is filled with countless to-dos and activities. However we’ve taken it a step further to include a weekly magnetic calendar personalized with a photo of your choice. This calendar can easily fit on the fridge or in the classroom and is great for all those weekly reminders.

Teacher Appreciation Gift: Listpad

Custom Photo Listpad, $12.99

These listpads are a sweet and simple gift that is sure to get good use. They come in lots of different cover options and layouts too, so your child can really make it their own to give to their teacher. The teacher will appreciate the special, personal touch and have a new listpad on deck to use for the year.

Alphabet Magnet Set, $24.99

These photo magnets are great for elementary school teachers and daycare assistants. You get a set of 12 magnets to fill with fun images, all with the letters of the alphabet on them. It can also be used for multiple teachers which is an added bonus. You can give a few to each in one of our custom goodie bags. If you are looking for something a little more simple, you can also try the single Square Photo Magnet for $3.99.

5 Gifts for Your Teacher: Photo Book

“All About My…” Book, $19.99

If you’ve got the best teacher around then this is definitely the winning gift. We have a new “All About My..” Photo Book series that is 100% customizable to make for your favorite person, even teachers! Fill this petite photo book with memories and photos from school, then have your child fill in the pages with all the things they love about their teacher. It is a really sweet gift that will stick around long after the apples are gone.

If you’re having trouble getting photos of your child’s teacher, that’s okay! You can make a personalized gift with lots of beautiful images from Unsplash and they are free.

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