3 Sugar-Free Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

By Erica Stoeckeler /

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Here comes Peter Cottontail… That means baskets full of little heartfelt gifts and endless amounts of candy! That’s right jelly beans, starburst, chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and the list goes on. However, there is so much fun to be had that doesn’t have to include a sugar rush!

We’ve got some fun new takes on an Easter classic – The Easter Egg Hunt. Try a new way to play this year with some fun surprises to sneak inside each hidden egg. The best part? Each activity gives your little ones extra fun that can be played again and again.

Here’s our Top 3 Sugar-Free Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

3 Sugar-Free Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Easter Egg Memory Game

1. Easter Egg Memory Game
Our NEW Easter Egg Memory Game is the perfect start for any Easter morning. Simply hide the 24 cards around the house for your children to find. They’ll enjoy finding their photos and re-living the fun memories on them. After the hunt is done, sit down for a fun game of memory! See how to set up your memory game egg hunt here.

3 Sugar-Free Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Photo Puzzle3 Sugar-Free Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Puzzle PIeces

2. Photo Puzzle Pieces in Eggs
A surprise twist inside your Easter Eggs and a great way to extend the fun. Create a photo puzzle (try our 60-piece horizontal or vertical puzzles!) and put a few pieces in each of the hidden eggs. Once the kids explore to find all the eggs, they get to have fun putting the puzzle together! (P.S. Make sure you pick up some jumbo-sized eggs to fit the pieces in!)

3 Sugar-Free Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - DIY Easter Crayons

3. DIY Easter Egg Crayons
Kids love to color, so why not have them open their eggs to find Easter Egg Crayons! These crayons are a super fun surprise to add to your Easter Egg Hunt. You can make them in 3 Easy Steps. Plus they work as a great addition to a Family Faces Sticker Book for the Basket!

Whether you opt-in for a Sugar-Free Egg Hunt this year, stay traditional with jelly beans or try a little of both,

We hope your Easter is filled with lots of family, love and sunshine!

Pinhole Tip – Don’t forget to take a picture of everyone in their Easter best. You’ll thank yourself come Mother’s Day! (Here are a few tips to do so without ruffling any feathers.)

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