How to Have a Sugar-free Easter Egg Hunt

By Erica Stoeckeler /
Easter Egg Hunt with Memory Game from Pinhole Press
Hidden Pieces of Pinhole Press Easter Edition Memory Game

It’s almost here, the annual family Easter egg hunt!

Come Easter morning, little ones will spring from their beds with a special kind of excitement. The kind that wakes you earlier than usual and without an alarm. Excitement filled with hope that the Easter bunny has come.

This Easter, instead of hiding pieces of candy, hide pieces of your family memories with our new Easter Egg Memory Game.

Easter Egg Memory Game Egg Hunt

Each Easter Egg Memory Game comes with 24 game cards featuring 12 of your favorite family photos. Hide the game cards around your house for the sweetest of surprises without an ounce of sugar.

With each game card found, your little ones will rediscover a family memory, and be extra-excited to keep looking for its match, or to find what other memories are hidden.

Sugar-Free Memory Game Egg Hunt
Rory playing Easter Edition Memory Game from Pinhole Press

The best part is that your kids will actually want to share their Easter findings, by playing a game of memory once all 24 cards are found. Spend the day playing your new game with family who may be gathering for the holiday. You may also find that your little ones will enjoy taking turns hiding game pieces for a repeat of the morning fun.

How to Make an Easter Edition Memory Game

Step 1: Start Customizing. Select a color and your preferred paper type. We offer a matte or glossy finish.

Step 2: Upload 12 of your favorite photos from your computer or phone. You can import directly from Instagram or your camera roll. Start from scratch by manually dragging and dropping photos to create memory game pieces. Or, let us do the work for you! We will auto-populate the game for you with photos you select.

Step 3:  Enjoy making new memories together!

About the Author: Stephanie Scurlock

Photography by: Stephanie Scurlock,  a stay at home mom to her two girls Ryan and Rory, and wife to a surgical resident named Joshua. In her “spare time” she enjoys dabbling in photography, party planning, interior decorating, and antiquing. She also runs a small Etsy shop called The Dandelion Lane where she sews clothing, quilts and more. Find her on Instagram to see how she is spreading smiles while navigating motherhood, marriage, and a life in the medical field.