Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Boyfriend/Girlfriend at any stage

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Valentine's Day Gifts for your Boyfriend/Girlfriend at any stage

Valentine’s Day can be a tricky holiday, especially for those in a newly established relationship. What do you get them? It is a difficult balance to give a thoughtful and meaningful gift, but also one that is price and time-appropriate.

That’s why we’ve broken down for you, in this special Valentine’s Day gift guide, the best gifts to get your significant other during the different phases of your relationship.

What to get your Boyfriend/Girlfriend of 1-3 Months

Pinhole Press Xoxo Valentine’s Day Photo CardPinhole Press Xoxo Valentine’s Day Photo Card Inside

  1. Photo Valentine’s Day Card – A Valentine’s Day card is a given at any relationship stage, but a photo card is a great idea if you are in a fresh relationship and want to give an extra personal touch. A photo card allows you to be personal, without spending a lot of money or coming on too strong, after all you have only been dating 1-3 months.Pinhole Press Custom Photo Beer Labels
  2. Photo Wine or Beer Bottle Labels – Custom Wine or Beer Bottle labels are the perfect, easy-going Valentine’s Day gift. Buy your significant other their favorite bottle or brew, then make it special with a custom label. You get to set the tone with a cute couple photo, a funny memory, or whatever you think would bring a smile to their face. Best of all the custom wine labels are $9.99 and bottles labels are $11.99, making this gift a home run all around.Pinhole Press Custom Photo Love Coupons
  3. Photo Love Coupons – If you want to get creative, custom photo love coupons is the way to go for a new relationship. This playful gift gives you an empty canvas to make a truly personalized gift for your special someone. Create fun coupons like letting them pick the movie for movie night or having the first round of drinks be on you. Photo Love Coupons are just $12.99.

What to get your Boyfriend/Girlfriend of 4-6 Months

Pinhole Press Custom Photo Booth Magnet Set

  1. Photo Booth Magnet Set – This photo gift steps it up a bit since your relationship has lasted long enough to know you really like each other. It is a sweet, but fun way to capture some of your memories together without being too serious. Photo Booth Magnets come in a set of 4, so it can be a gift for both of you to share at just $19.99.
    Pinhole Press Custom Photo Notepad
  2. Photo Notepad – A practical, yet thoughtful gift for those in a semi-new relationship. Everyone needs a notepad, why not personalize it just for your Valentine to have a fun reminder of you around. Plus, you get to choose how it looks. You can select a photo of just you, a fun memory you both shared, or just an image of their favorite place or hobby. Be as creative as you want for just $15.99Pinhole Press Custom Photo Wall Decals
  3. Wall Decal – This is the perfect substitution if you think a framed print might be a bit too much for this stage in your relationship, or you are tight on decorating space. A wall decal is a sweet reminder of your time together, but still light-hearted. With different set options, you can choose what best fits your valentine. Starting at just $12.99.

What to get your Boyfriend/Girlfriend of 6-12 Months

Pinhole Press Petite Layflat Photo Book

  1. Petite Layflat Photo Book – It’s time to break out the photo books! During this stage, a large hardcover novel of your love is a bit too intense, but this adorable and petite layflat album is the perfect gift for this point in your relationship. With 10 beautiful spreads, use this photo book to capture the fun memories from summer, your first mini-vacation, or a first event together. It’s thoughtful, creative and only $9.99.
     Pinhole Press Custom Photo Memory Game
  2. Memory Game – This is a fun and playful gift, but holds enough sediment to make it to the 6-12 month-long relationship mark. Create a memory game for you and your valentine. Fill it with whatever you like, from funny photos to heartfelt moments. You can really make the game your own. Plus it isn’t only for playing memory, try other games like Go Fish or make it into a collage on your cork board. Memory games are $24.99.
    Pinhole Press Custom 5x5 Framed Print in White
  3. Small Framed Print – You’ve reached the point where it is okay to be a semi-permanent fixture at his or her place. A small framed print is just the right gift to show how much you care in a sweet and simple way. Choose from a 5×5 classic white or a stylish silver 5.5×5.5 framed print, both priced at $27.99.

What to get your Boyfriend/Girlfriend of 12+ Months

Pinhole Press Classic Perpetual Photo Desk Calendar

  1. Photo Calendar – You’ve reached the year mark so now you don’t have to shy away from personal gifts or gifts that may have longevity, like a photo calendar. The great thing about this photo gift is it combines a useful tool everyone could use with a personal reminder of your love. Fill it with your favorite moments for them to remember throughout the year. Calendars start at $24.99.Pinhole Press 11X14 Framed Photo Collage in White
  2. Collage Framed Print or Large Framed Print – By now, you’ve probably captured some awesome memories. A perfect way to sum up the year’s ride is with a collage framed print filled with all the love and laughs you’ve shared. Or try a simple, yet classic framed print of the picture that sums you two up perfectly. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Framed prints start at just $27.99.Pinhole Press Vertical Layflat Photo Book
  3. Layflat Photo Book – This Valentine’s Day gift takes some thought, creativity and gives major bonus points. When you’ve been dating for a few years, a layflat photo album is a beautiful way to turn your memories into a lasting keepsake. With different fabric covers options, layouts and sizes, you get to create the book that best fits your valentine. The best part, photos are easily added through your phone, desktop, Facebook and Instagram, making the process easier than ever. Layflat photo albums start at $59.99.
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