Unique DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

By Abby Tolbert /

There’s nothing wrong with classic, been-there-done-that halloween costumes. Kids look absolutely adorable as witches, pumpkins, and ghosts. But sometimes, you just want to go all out and do as the perfectly crafty Pinterest mom would do. Here are our favorite finds for unique, DIY kids Halloween costumes.

Kraft Easy Mac

 Ah, yes. Fake cheesy goodness. This hilarious Easy Mac costume is sure to be a hit among classmates and fellow trick-or-treaters. All you need to create this mac-sterpiece is a laundry basket, paper towel rolls, paint, and poster board. 

Crazy Cat Lady

 The irony of children dressing up as elderly people is nothing short of hysterical. This crazy cat lady costume will make your little one look frazzled, eccentric, and adorable.

Mr. Rogers

 It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, indeed. This simple-as-can-be costume idea features a classic red cardigan, khakis, and optional puppets. There’s no better way to pay tribute to such a wholesome and positive show. 

A Snail

 The fuss-free costume is cute, original, and cozy. Since the shell is really just a backpack, you won’t have to deal with your little one tugging at their uncomfortable costume all evening. 

The Giving Tree

 This classic children’s book exemplifies the importance of selflessness and humility. Not to mention, it makes for the perfect Mommy (or Daddy) and me Halloween costume idea. With your child in timeless red overalls and you as the giving tree, you’ll be the most endearing pair. 

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