The Benefits of Personalized Art for Kids

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There’s nothing sweeter than a tiny Picasso gifting you a finger-painted masterpiece, or a classic noodle necklace. Children’s art is so much more than mindless play. Time with crayons and paints can help foster a child’s creativity, improve their fine motor skills, and more. Read on to discover the lasting impact that personalized art can have on your child’s life.

Improves Fine Motor Skills

Even if your toddler holds markers with a tiny club fist, they’re still developing important hand and finger skills while scribbling along. Fine motor skills, like coloring, are necessary for everyday activities like eating, dressing, and writing.

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Helps Problem Solving

All art has an element of problem-solving at the core of its creation. Whether it’s figuring out how to fill a spanning blank canvas or deciding which shade of blue to paint a sky, creative play inspires critical thinking in little ones.

Better yet, when faces of a child’s favorite people are incorporated into illustrations, it encourages them to step into the storyline. Discussing your child’s artwork and asking them what the characters they’ve drawn are doing and thinking can help foster important conversations centered around problem-solving.

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Helps with Emotional Skill-Building

Art can help children develop emotional regulation skills such as empathy and relatability. In fact, making art can help kids connect with the more emotional part of themselves; something that might not always come out in other areas of their lives. This is why it’s so important to let kids create whatever they’d like. Asking questions about their artwork later can help you to better understand what’s going on in your little’s big world.

Depending on a child’s individual personality, some methods of creating art may be more beneficial developmentally than others. For example, kids that like control might find themselves preferring to work with a pencil, whereas others might prefer paints or clay.

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Improves Language Skills

When making something with their hands, children may need to request a certain tool or express that they’re having a hard time squeezing the glue out of the bottle. Not to mention, having something tangible to discuss after a project is completed is a great way to get kids talking. When photos of special family members are featured, kids will be even more excited to chat about their creation.

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Develops Visual-Spatial Abilities

Visual-spatial activities allow your child to see the world from their eyes- and process it. Cutting out shapes, playing with play-doh, and other similar activities can help kids fine-tune these valuable skills.  And later on in life, they can help kids to excel in math and science, too.

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Learning Made FUN!

Kids don’t always love to learn, especially when what they’re working on is “boring”. Artwork merges education with fun so seamlessly that kids don’t even realize they’re absorbing information.

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