DIY Fall Faux Leather Drink Markers

By Catherine Cardona /
Fall Drink Markers for Party

Thanksgiving is coming up soon, so that means setting the table with your favorite plates and décor, gathering up friends and family, and feasting on an amazing meal. With so many guests at the house, it can get confusing whose wine glass is whose. Next thing you know, you have half-full glasses of wine everywhere- and no idea which one was yours! And we don’t want a drop of wine wasted, right?

How about creating these easy and affordable personalized drink markers for everyone in the group? They’re perfect for Thanksgiving, and everyone can take them home after. They’ll match any Thanksgiving table setting with their traditional colors, plus teal for a fun pop of color! But, the best part is that you can make them in any color palette you wish.

You will need:

Faux leather
Sharpie oil pen
1-inch circle punch
Belt hole punch
15 gauge wire
Jump Rings
Wire Tool Kit (cutters & pliers)

Fall Drink Markers for PartyFall Drink Markers for Party


  1. Cut 2 circles of each color of your faux leather. I recommend a circle punch because it leaves nice edges and they’re all the same size, but you can also use scissors if you prefer.
  2. Using your belt hole punch, stack your 2 circles and punch a hole at the top of them. You want each color to have 2 sides that match up so it looks nice and finished instead of having a fabric backing.
  3. Thread a jump ring through the holes you punched and close it securely.
  4. Glue your circles together, ensuring that the hole you punched matches up.
  5. Using your sharpie, draw on the letter that you want for your drink marker. You can also use shapes, symbols, or a monogram if you prefer!
  6. Cut a short piece of wire and twist into a circle using something round as a guide. Don’t worry about getting it perfect- it’ll be malleable so you can loop it onto your wine glass stem.
  7. Thread the rounded wire through the jump ring. Use and enjoy!

Fall Drink Markers for Party

Fall Drink Markers for PartyFall Drink Markers for Party

These drink markers are exactly what you need to help everyone locate their drinks through the evening! Even if you’re not hosting Thanksgiving, you can make a set for girls’ night, Friendsgiving, or any gathering you have coming up! They also make great seating chart décor by placing the charm on a small pumpkin!

Fall Drink Markers for Party

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