Mother’s Day Care Package for Grandmothers

By Holly Sosa /

When it comes to Mother’s Day, thoughtful crafts are what shine the most. I still cherish the flower tipped pen that my daughter gave me her first year of PreK. The ladder art with a picture of my son climbing into the stars with the words, “Mom, I love you to the moon and back,” that he gave me in first grade still hangs in my bedroom closet three years later. These thoughtful gifts melt nurturing mama hearts on Mother’s Day because they’re created by the people we love the most.

My own mother and my mother in law have always been a challenge to gift shop for. But when I remember the simple truths of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts, I realize that that’s all they want, too. With help from Pinhole Press, my children and I created what I believe will be the best mother’s day gift for both of these special women. And they’re in the form of the most perfect photo books.


Since we live across the country from my mother and mother in law, I pulled together some of our favorite local treats for a Mother’s Day care package, the crowning jewel being an All About My Grandma book for each of them.

Here’s what we included in our packages from Northern Michigan to our California and Nevada grandmothers:


  • Maple Syrup: We’re no Vermont, but we’re pretty proud of our maple syrup here in Northern Michigan.
  • Rainbow Taffy: Because who doesn’t love colorful candy?
  • Mackinac Fudge: If you’re from Michigan, you know that there is no fudge that compares to Mackinac fudge. Period.
  • All About My Grandma Books: One for each grandma that my children took turns filling out.

These books are sturdy and beautifully made. Each page contained two lines for each of my kids to write out their favorite things about their Nanny and their Grandma. I loved that I was able to customize each album completely for each individual grandmother. My children call my mom Nanny and I was able to replace all the Grandma wording with her special name (if you have a Nona, Mimi, Granny, Gram, this is completely personal to them!)


These albums combine the nostalgia of handmade macaroni crafts with a beautiful album that’s not only personal, but unique to the grandmothers in our lives. On a day that’s set aside to celebrate these special women, they deserve a gift that makes them feel as wonderful as they are.

You can still order your All About My Grandma Photo Book and get it in time for Mother’s Day. Click here to start customizing your book and create an album that she’ll cherish forever.


About the Author: Holly Sosa is a  Northern Michigan dwelling wife & hockey mom extraordinaire. Her favorite hobby is jammin’ on her planner. You can follow her adventures on                                                                  

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