Meet the Designers: Mikaela Mannes

By Pinhole Press /

Meet the Pinhole Press Designer Mikaela Mannes

Mikaela Mannes, a 23 year old native of Michigan, has always had a creative spark in her soul. 

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in graphic design, Mikaela ventured out into the workforce and began designing straight away. It wasn’t until four months ago that she quit her job to fulfill her entrepreneurial spirit and thus, Mikaela Joy Designs was born.

Mikaela likes to get inspiration from browsing social media or picking through Pinterest. Her latest obsession? Wedding stationery.

“It’s so fun to get to know each bride and their unique style then portray it in my designs.”

Aside from her talents in design and photography, Mikaela spends her free time singing away. No really, in high school Mikaela was involved in choir, theatre and dance.

“Performing on stage was my favorite.”

You can see her latest collaboration, with Pinhole Press, on some beautiful and fresh Greeting Cards just in time for Mother’s Day.