Kids’ Style: Preppy Page-Boy and Artsy Athlete

By Merrilee Liddiard /

Shopping for kids’ clothes can be equal parts stressful and fun (usually tipping the scales over into the stressful part). We usually end up hauling kids around the mall only to find very few items we like, or attempting to squeeze a bulky stroller and two rowdy boys into a quaint boutique shop that is really too small to accommodate children, even though they have great children’s clothes.

Consequentially, I’ve grown to love shopping online. The options are more unique and if you make a point to scour the sales pages, particularly when seasons are changing, you can find some really great amazing items for a great price. For example, boots are great to purchase this time of year, as they are still relevant for crispy spring nights and pair great with shorts and leggings.

When compiling wardrobes for my kids, I find if I keep to a few staples, such as unique and interesting tees as well as diversely colored and patterned pants and shorts, then add a few extra unique stand-out pieces, everyone is happy. The kids can then pick and choose from the assortment of clothing with a pretty good guarantee that everything will work. And hey, if not, they’re kids and that’s half the fun of it!

The Preppy Page-Boy look is all about cardies and leather booties for breezy days, subtle printed shirts and linen or cotton shorts and pants in solids or minimal patterns paired with leather sandals. We’re loving these preppy page-boy picks:

On Little O & AJ:  1. Aymara Spice Kitten Cardigan, 2. Winter Water Factory knights and dragon tee 3.Old Navy skinny twill pants 4. boy + girl dotted tee, 5. These Pom D’api Yapo Pappy Buckle sandals are quite a bit like our thrifted finds worn by AJ 6. Bisgaard leather slippers (they really are like slippers! Little O refuses to take these off, they are so comfortable!) 7. Anais & I Charles shorts, 8. Old Navy web canvas belt

Other items we’re loving for the Preppy Page-Boy look: a. Boden’s Chelsea boots b. Zara’s striped shirt c. PRSPR Kids two-faced sweater d. leather sandals e. Zara’s printed t-shirt, f. loving these Pinhole Press customizable flash cards. The colors and patterns are perfect inspiration for your little one’s wardrobe g. crazy about these Fancy Flax blue linen trousers h. Zara’s bermuda shorts with horizontal stripes

The Artsy Athlete is all about combining bold, colorful and painterly geometrics with comfy sporty pieces.

On Little O & AJ:  1. Again we can’t get enough of these Bisgaard leather slippers – wasn’t kidding when I said he wouldn’t take them off 😉 2. this Aymara Morris polo shirt says 70′s gym teacher meets debate club. 3. Mini & Maximuns raglan tee 4. Loola red leggings 5. These Miszko Maszko scale leggings are stylishly comfy enough to go from the track field to out-to-lunch with mom (and AJ wants to wear them all the time). 6. Old Navy active sneakers 7. We like to mix in a bit of vintage where we can and recently found this nylon vest that we love. Do an ebay search for some great vintage nylon vests or search your local thrifts stores.

Other items we’re loving for the Artsy Athlete look: a. LOUD apparel’s scribble tee b. Mango Kids sneakers c.Seed Heritage elasticised chino  d. Seed Heritage spot print tee e. Seed Heritage canvas runner f. Mabo Children’s double sided drawstring leggings g. Loola’s aqua striped leggings h. Nico Nico sports t-shirt

I find that all of these looks are great at combining the comfort and flexibility that the boys need while still be fashionably classic. And are perfect for cool breezes and sunny spring days.

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