If You’re the Parent of a Toddler…

By Lauren Seitz /

Hey there, I’m Lauren, blogger over at Taking in the Seitz and mom to a sweet little one named Teagan. She’s my one and only, and I’d be lying if I said that life isn’t a little… a lot different than it was before I had her.

As I near her second birthday, I reflect on how many ways parenthood has changed me in the last two years. I’d list them, but then we’d be here another two years, right? Upon this reflection, I’ve realized that there are quite a few things I’m now used to doing that I never thought I would do or say. If you are the parent of a toddler, I’m sure you will relate. If you aren’t, get ready– and if you don’t believe me, just wait…

The true signs you are the parent of a toddler:

You could set records for the amount of times a day that you say “Don’t put ____ in your mouth” (insert: toy, dog food, rocks, dirt– really anything).

You aren’t phased by the random stains on your clothes­ and it doesn’t stop you from wearing them from time to time.

You end up eating one and a half meals in an effort to persuade them to eat a half of theirs. i.e. “I’ll take a bite, now your turn”.

Speaking of “half meals”, you could now fit a 7 course dinner into the time it takes your child to eat it.

You find yourself having to watch what you say out loud so your little parrot child doesn’t repeat it.

All trips to a restaurant become solo ventures, but not in a good way. You end up taking turns chasing your child around while your partner eats.

You can walk through an entire store and not look at anything because you are too busy getting snacks, taking her in an out of the cart and chasing her down the aisles.

And the most surprising of all, you end up with a mini version of yourself who makes you laugh on a daily basis, gives the best hugs and makes your life infinitely better each day.

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