Ideas for Affordable Mother’s Day Fun

By Juliette Carter /

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I for one am super excited for my first official Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is a great excuse to spend time bonding with your mama. If you’re on a budget, there are so many things you can do together that won’t cost a fortune. Whether it’s breakfast in bed or a movie marathon, these fun and affordable activities for Mother’s Day are a great way to spend time together.. Ellie and I have compiled this list to help keep mothers day fun and affordable. We would love to know what you end up doing for Mothers Day, so stop by and let us know!

Breakfast in Bed

Mothers are always starting your day with fresh fruit, juice and a bowl of cereal but today is the perfect day to start theirs with a pancake breakfast in bed. Start Mother’s Day by making pancakes with your mama and then cuddling back up in bed for the sweet treat! Add an extra sweet touch by trying to shape your pancakes into hearts!


Movie Marathon

There is no better way to celebrate than grabbing your family favorites and a bowl of popcorn. This is a relaxing way to beat the spring heat and bond over moms favorite movies.

Paint Party

Grab your art kits and let’s paint pictures for mom. Get messy with your fingers and toes – Painting a picture of flowers and creating a custom card is a personalized and affordable way to gift something special to mom.

Get Outside

May is a great time to grab your bike, stroller or sneakers and get outside. All these April showers are going to bring beautiful May flowers. Get outside and see how many new flowers you can find with Mom.


Youtube Yoga

It’s always nice to relax the body and mind, Especially as a mama! Grab your mats or a towel will do and Youtube some at home yoga to relax with mama. Finding some spa music and a candle from under the sink would make it the perfect relaxation experience.

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive. There are so many great activities that are very affordable. Whether it’s a Youtube Yoga or Painting, your mother will love these bonding experience


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