Board Book Story: What I do while Dad’s at work

By Pinhole Press /

“Dad, what do you do at work all day? While you’re gone, I do much more than play!” For his first Father’s Day, Mom and baby Ella used our Daddy & Me board book to create a day-in-the-life style book for Dad.

Kids Board Book Page 1: Playing with my best friend Cooper
Board Book Page 2: Playing Dress Up
Board Book Page 3: Eating a yummy lunch that Mommy made me!
Board Book Page 4: Going on a walk with Mommy!
Board Book Page 5: Playing hide & seek
Board Book Page 6: Reading some of my favorite books!
Board Book Page 7: Taking a nap because it has been a long day!
Board Book page 8: Eating another snack because I love good! Just like you Daddy!
Board Book Page 9: Don't worry Daddy! I am thinking about you all day long! I can't wait for you to come home so I can give you a BIG HUG!

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I’m Christine – the The CurlyQ Mom. I have Jesus in my heart, a baby on my hip and a cup of cold coffee in my hand! I’m just smiling my way through motherhood because I just heard a crash in my kitchen! If I’m not cleaning up a mess I’m chatting about my experiences of having a toddler! Come see me in real life over on my Instagram page!

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