Thanksgiving Photo Guest Book


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Book Cover
Variable by layout
5 x 5"
Ultrawhite Premium Paper
  • Thanksgiving Guestbook Cover
  • Thanksgiving Guestbook Inside Detail
  • Thanksgiving Guestbook Inside Detail
  • Thanksgiving Guestbook Inside Detail
  • Petite Layflat Photo Book - Detail
  • Petite Layflat Photo Book - Detail
Thanksgiving Guestbook Cover

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A delicious detail for your Thanksgiving day! Create a custom, fill-in-the-blank Thanksgiving Guest Book to celebrate what you and your guests are most thankful for this year. Makes for a great gift for your Thanksgiving dinner host. (We can almost guarantee you'll get an extra scoop of mashed potatoes!) 

To create yours, use social media or old family photos to gather pictures of your guests, then simply drag and drop them into place in your book. The Thanksgiving Guest Book is made using our Petite Layflat Photo Book, so you have 10 photos, plus the back and cover to plan for. If you a lot of people to include in your guest book, try to use family or group photos! The fill-in-the-blank prompt is completely customizable, so you can make this book as unique as your family is. Take time in between dinner courses to go around the table and complete your guest book together, or leave it on the coffee table for people to complete throughout the day. Make this your new Thanksgiving tradition by creating a book each year, using Thanksgiving pictures from the year before!  Break out your old guest books each year to smile at everyone's photos and responses.