Photo Finger Puppets


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2.375 x 5"
Glossy ultrathick paper
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Set of 9 Finger Puppets
  • Photo Finger Puppets
  • Photo Finger Puppets
Photo Finger Puppets

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Our Finger Puppets are the classic paper dolls that you remember from your childhood now updated with your family photos. With a set of 9 total puppets, the kids can take the family, and some friends, on an adventure. To create a set of finger puppets, find photos that include a family member standing. This will allow the finger holes in the cards to be at a person’s feet, making the puppets perfect for “walking around” the living room, kitchen or car. You’ll love to hear the stories that your child creates when they take these puppets on their next adventure.



  • Includes 9 family photos

  • Set of 9 cards with two small holes for fingers

  • Glossy, durable cards

  • Photo printed on both sides of each card

  • Ships in 2-3 business days after you order