Colorful Photo Dry Erase Decal




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Dry Erase Removeable Decal
  • Colorful Dry Erase Decal, Medium
Colorful Dry Erase Decal, Medium

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Add a color pop and some personalization to your to-dos and meeting tasks with a dry erase decal that features your photos. Choose 5 of your favorites to put on display. The perfect personalized touch for your workspace or to keep right at home.

Here are some tips before applying your wall decal:

  1. Apply your decal to a clean, dry and smooth surface.
  2. If you have recently painted your walls, wait at least 4 weeks before applying your decal
  3. Decals can be removed and reapplied to a different location for up to 3 months. After that, it may not stick as well.

Watch our video on how to apply your decal. 

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