B&W Diaper Pins Personalized Gift Labels & Bags


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    2 x 5.625"
    Additional Information
    Set of 18 bags and labels per order
    • 3-50027 B&W Diaper Pins - 1-2022
    3-50027 B&W Diaper Pins - 1-2022

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    Yes, Black On White is quite elegant and, frankly, unexpected at a shower. But newborn babes actually respond most vividly to these extremes in color... so why not include them in the fun? Our gift labels take simple shopping bags from plain to chic in a snap. Best of all, any leftover labels can be repurposed as gift tags.

    The Specifics:

    • Set of 18 labels and clear bags
    • 20 text color options
    • Quality craftsmanship that you can see and feel
    • Ships in 2-3 business days
    • Handcrafted with love in the USA

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