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Black & White
3.375 x 3.375" tile
Additional Information
Boxed set of 24 cards
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Picture Memory Games

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An elephant never forgets and neither will your child after playing this fun and customized picture memory game. This classic memory game filled with the loving faces of family and friends builds brain power and motor proficiency.

Easily design a custom set of elephant memory game cards your child will love. Choose 12 of your favorite photos, select a matte or glossy finish and let the games begin. Your child learns the joy of seeing loved ones while building brain cells, utilizing small muscles to increase motor skills, learns to solve simple problems and experiences the joys of accomplishment all in one creative little photo memory game.

The Pinhole Press Photo Memory Game is certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and is recommended for children ages 2 and up.

As Loved By: The Today Show, A Cup of Jo, Clickin' Moms

How does it work? Learn how to customize your Memory Game in this video.

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