Photo Filmstrip Listpad with Text

    Personalize your daily to-dos with 4 of your favorite photos, kept handy in a purse or back pocket.




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    2 x 8.5"
    Ultrawhite premium paper
    • Filmstrip Listpad
    • Filmstrip Listpad
    • Filmstrip Listpad
    Filmstrip Listpad

    Pinhole Press has been featured on:

    • MediaLogos
    • MediaLogos

    The Specifics:

    • Drag and drop design tool
    • 3 pad color options
    • 20 text color options
    • 3 cover photos and custom text field
    • 1 paper pad photo and custom text field
    • 20 text color options
    • Quality craftsmanship that you can see and feel
    • Handcrafted with love in the USA

    Why we love it:

    Listmakers rejoice! Grocery shopping is far more fun with good company. What better way to personalize your daily to-dos?

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