Bold Perpetual Photo Desk Calendar

Our Perpetual Desk Calendar displays 12 photos and keeps the good times rolling. Enjoy this evergreen calendar year after year.


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Orange, Pink and Yellow
12.25 x 3.x25"
Ultrawhite premium paper
Perpetual Calendar
  • 1-20058-PD1-23
  • 1-20058-PD2-23
  • 1-20058-PD2-23
  • 1-20058-PD3-23

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The Specifics:

  • Drag and drop design tool
  • 2 custom text fields on cover
  • 12 unique photos
  • 20 text color options
  • Spiral bound
  • Quality craftsmanship that you can see and feel
  • Handcrafted with love in the USA


Why we love it:

The perpetual calendar is a wonderful way to keep track of the date and keep your favorite photos close year after year. The perfect gift for a coworker or loved one.

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