For Your Little Muses

They put up with our posing, tolerate our elaborate concepts, and give us smiles when we need them most. Rewards your little models with these creative gifts.

Create your own personalized Photo Memory Game from Pinhole Press with 12 fabulously fun images.

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Hip baby gift boxes new parents will love.

We have known Pinhole Press for a while now as a great option for high-quality photo books and gifts with a modern design aesthetic, and now they’re branching out into the world of hip baby gifts with their Oh Baby! Personalized Baby Gift Boxes. I’m considering it my new go-to gift for friends who are expecting, it’s just that cool.

Even cooler, they’re great for new dads too. No pink diaper bags or breast pumps here. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

The presentation is incredibly impressive; just the box itself is nice enough that you can save it to stash baby cards, keepsakes, or art supplies. (One day. Before you know it.) Inside, you’ll find a hip black and white romper and beanie set made by Little Hip Squeaks, a super-stylish, CMP-recommended line of baby clothes made with love in Brooklyn, thus ensuring that the child I’m giving this to will dress cooler than I do.

Also, you get 12 ounces of Ink! coffee, hand-roasted and ground in Denver. Brilliant addition to the box considering we’ve been recommending coffee subscriptions as clever new mom gifts for a while now.  This one happens to be bold, full-bodied, and smoky with bittersweet dark chocolate undertones. Delicious.

Then last, but certainly not least, is a $25 gift certificate to Pinhole Press in a custom greeting card for the recipient. Because you know she’ll have a lot of baby photos to put to good use in no time at all.


Best photo books for all those pictures languishing in your computer

The books at Pinhole Press are elegant, contemporary, and put the emphasis where it belongs: the photos. The software is just as simple as the book designs—though there’s no ability to fix photo flaws or quality—making it the perfect service for showcasing your professional wedding or newborn photos. Pinhole Press also offers a curated selection of craft-inspired products: reusable wall decals, recipe magnets, cookbooks, magnetic calendars, day planners, memory games, flash cards, and more. I customized the Mini Storybook of Names and Faces to help my son learn the names of our relatives. The photo quality was good and the paper in a thickness that will stand up to repeated story times. Pinhole Press’s popular Panoramic Photobook in a modern or classic style is a hardcover, 8¾-inch-by-8¾-inch book and costs $84.99 for 60 pages. The price may seem high, but it accounts for a cloth spine (in one of five subdued colors) and quality, lay-flat paper—all options that would be upgrades from the competition’s basic prices.


Spotlight on Memories

Everybody says it, and it’s true: Your wedding goes by so quickly! The best gift you can give yourself ( and any future kids or grandkids) is a book of preserved mementos from that amazing celebration. And it needn’t be a chore or another task you have to do in the midst of all the planning. Here are my top tips for making it fun and easy to relive a time you’ll always want to remember.

Pinhole Press’ custom-bound photo books make great gifts; you can change the pics slightly for each recipient (mini panoramic photo books, $60,

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17 Awesome Gifts for Dad – A Personalized Gift Set

This set includes a custom Father’s Day card, Mesquite Madness BBQ Sauce, Sweet ‘N Spicy BBQ Sauce, Cowbell Hell seasoning blend from DennyMike’s in Maine, and personalized coasters. So cute!

Father’s Day BBQ Photo Gift Box with Coasters, $54.99,