A Lasting Tribute

Custom Decor to Honor Precious Lives


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Personalized Decor for a Meaningful Farewell

2ft x 7ft, 12 Photos

Custom Memorial Sculpture

As low as $149.99

2” x 6.54”, 5 photos

Custom Memorial Bookmark

As low as $49.99

72” x 36” or 48” x 24”, 1 photo

Minimal Floral Custom Memorial Banner

As low as $32.99

20” x 28”, 1 photo

Custom Memorial Poster


In moments of profound loss, we understand that every detail matters. At Pinhole Press, we offer a compassionate touch to the farewell process, providing custom decor that speaks to the unique essence of your loved one's life. Our collection is designed to bring solace, beauty, and a personal touch to the somber occasion of bidding farewell.

Personalized Funeral Decor

Our range of memorial keepsakes offers a gentle way to hold onto cherished memories. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and remembrance, ensuring that your loved one's spirit lives on in the hearts of those they touched.

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