Why Holiday Cards are so Important in our Digital World

By Rachel Castro /

Sharing your latest family photo, an image from your last vacation or your kids’ school pictures is just a tap or swipe away in today’s tech-savvy world. Social media makes sharing photographs and connecting with friends and family members, whether they’re across the street or across the country, easier than ever. With this instant access to photos and greetings, you might even reconsider sending out holiday cards when a simple holiday greeting is just a click away. Before you ditch holiday cards for a smartphone–snapped photo on Facebook or Twitter though, consider these distinct advantages of sending holiday cheer the old-fashioned way.

Cute family photo for holiday cards.

1. Cross-Generational Greetings

Maybe you have a hip and trendy parent — or even grandparent — who is active on social media and constantly liking your posts. However, odds are some of your relatives aren’t on social media and are missing out on these all-important family updates. Holiday cards serve as an opportunity to reach out to the older generation — or anyone who simply isn’t active on social media — using a traditional greeting delivered through a service everyone uses: the U.S. Postal Service. A personalized holiday card with your family’s smiling faces will surely deliver cheer to your great-aunt or godfather who craves an update on your family.

2. A Gesture of Thanks

Let’s face it — your life is busy, and you might have forgotten to send a thank-you note or two along the way. When your neighbor brought you a pot of homemade soup on a chilly evening or your hairstylist fit you into her already-booked schedule, you might not have had the chance to send an adequate thank you. Use your holiday card as an opportunity to thank your family and friends for all that they do for you. After all, the holiday season is the perfect time to share your gratitude. Tuck a note of thanks into the envelope with your photo holiday card, or have a thoughtful message printed right on your card to thank those special folks in your life for their support and love.

3. Thoughtful Holiday Cheer

Social media doesn’t have to be the end of the traditional handwritten note. Holiday cards let you step back to a time when our lives weren’t constantly updated on the web, a time when checking your mail every December day brought great excitement. Holiday cards allow you to reach out to those folks who are most important in your life and let you know you’re thinking of them this holiday season. Even if you might not be able to get together with them and give them a warm embrace or a perfectly wrapped gift, your holiday card sends the thoughtful message that you’re thinking of those special people in your life this holiday season.

4. Reflect on the year

Today’s holiday cards aren’t the greetings that your grandparents sent out decades ago. Pinhole Pressoffers a variety of unique personalization options, giving you great freedom in precisely how you send holiday greetings to your loved ones. Upload your favorite family photos to your holiday card to make it one of a kind. Then send the perfect greeting by customizing the text to your liking. Whether you want to send brief holiday wishes or a detailed family update, you have complete freedom in the content that you include on your holiday card. No matter the photo or text you choose, your card will feature a dazzling design and high-quality printing as well.

Personalized holiday cards are a thoughtful way to show loved ones you care this holiday season.

Personalized holiday cards are a thoughtful way to show loved ones you care this holiday season. Your friends and family will proudly display your beautifully designed card in their home — something they certainly couldn’t do with a mass–delivered social media post.  Take the time to add a personal touch to your holiday greetings this season with a custom holiday card or photo gifts.

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