Who do you need to thank?

By Erica Stoeckeler /

Who do you need to thank?

Thank you. Two simple, yet powerful, words that can be delivered an infinite number of ways. Whether you say it aloud, write it in a note or exchange a meaningful glance – the delivery becomes less important as long as the sense of appreciation is received.  

We believe the magic behind a “thank you” is rooted in the way in which it makes both the giver and receiver feel, an altruistic feeling that inspires a smile and leads to happiness. 

Every Friday morning, the people behind Pinhole Press gather for a ‘stand-up’ staff meeting. We meet around our conference table and take turns standing up to share the highlights of our work week, and each team member gives a shout out to a colleague for going above and beyond. Shout outs can be prompted in a variety of ways, but it’s typically earned by saying or doing something that made a noticeable difference. Previous shout outs include overdelivering on a task, putting in extra hours, buying lunch when a wallet was forgotten – you get the picture! (pun intended)

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, we want to encourage paying it forward with gratitude.

We’re excited to invite our Pinhole Press family to ‘stand-up’ with us by giving a shout out to someone in your life who deserves it.    

Throughout November, we’ll be sharing stories of gratitude that resonated with us. Thank someone in your life who deserves it by tagging them in our Facebook and Instagram posts. Each Friday, a random pair will be selected to win a gift set from us to you.

As always, thank YOU for help furthering our mission of #SpreadingSmiles.

❤️ Pinhole Press

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