What to Do When Your Child Hates School

By Abby Tolbert /

Sometimes, this behavior is just one step backward in a child’s natural progression towards independence. Other times, it can be a sign of a deeper issue. 

3 common symptoms experienced by kids who hate school: 

1.) Routine meltdowns on Sunday evening

2.) Fabricated visits to the nurse’s office

3.) Being a little sh*t in class

Here’s how you can take action when your child is literally begging you to stay home.

Recognize their fears

 It can be easy to think, “You’re just learning shapes, dude, what’s the big deal?” But remember: for littles, learning this stuff is hard work! And at age 5, kids may be starting to develop worrisome or anxious thoughts that can impact their willingness to go to school.

Make staying at home boring

 Some kids resist going to school because they’ve figured out that staying at home is waaaay more fun. (They do have a point…) But if you do let your child skip school, make sure their time at home is spent resting, not playing. Guard the iPad and treats at all costs, Mama Bear!

Spot Trouble

 It might take some digging to figure out why your kid is insisting that school is “dumb” and they “hate it,” so try asking more specific questions like “what is your least favorite part of school?” or “What do you think of the kids in your class?”

Speak with your child’s teacher

 If there’s a serious issue in the classroom, your child’s teacher will most likely reach out to you on their own. But, it doesn’t hurt to share your concerns with and ask questions to someone who your child interacts with on a day to day basis. Oh, and teachers can also wrangle 20+ little ones at once, so they’re basically superheroes. 

Be a role model

 This is your chance to take advantage of your kid’s obsession with copying your every move. Read a book next to your child as they do homework, or if you have the time and money, take an adult class. Showing genuine interest in your kid’s assignments and lessons can help them get excited about school.