Things You (Actually) Need for Your New Baby

By Abby Tolbert /

Some baby registries seem to stretch on for as long as your most recent CVS receipt; including everything from clothing to toys to bedding. There are so many awesome products out there for babies and new mothers that it can be difficult to determine what’s truly essential. Here are the absolute must-haves for your new baby based on our honest, completely unsponsored opinions:


 As many diapers as you think you have, you’re always going to need more.

A baby bathtub

 A clean baby is a happy baby. Our fave baby bath is the Blooming Bath Lotus Baby Bath; an adorable, flower-shaped baby bath that comes in four colors!

A camera

 Capture. Every. Moment. Seriously, no matter how mundane. Looking for a way to bring your best-loved photos to life? Check out Pinhole Press for kid-centric photo gifts and games. 😏

A baby carrier

 Because it’s easier to get sh*t done when your baby is attached to your body! Our fave for newborns is the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini.

A car seat

You’ll want one that’s convertible for when your baby outgrows it. Try the Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 seat or the Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible car seat

Feeding supplies

 This includes bottles & formula (obviously) if you’re not breastfeeding. If you are, you’ll want nursing bras, nursing pads, and nipple cream. It’s also not a bad idea to invest in a nursing pillow and a breast pump. 

A stroller

 Just like car seats, you’ll want a stroller that’s convertible as well. The Meltdown crew recommends the Cybex Balios S. 



 Outfits with buttons and snaps are cute and all, but when you need to change a diaper during witching hours, quick and easy is the way to go. 


Somewhere for them to sleep

 If you can manage to get your baby to sleep in the crib from the start, more power to ya. But co-sleeping and bassinets are possible too, so whatever works for you and your little!


 A must-have. So great, you’ll keep buying them even when your kids are out of diapers.

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