Staff Picks for Father’s Day

By Daniella Connelly /


Staff Favorites for Father's Day

When you work somewhere that specializes in spreading smiles, you become a pretty great gift giver. That’s why this Father’s Day, we’re sharing what we’re is gifting our Dads in an effort to inspire others who are having trouble finding the perfect gift.

So here it is, from us to you, our staff picks for Dad this Father’s Day, featuring both personalized and non-personalized gifts.

Non-Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

“I’ve been trying to do event-based things. He has enough stuff at this point in his life where he doesn’t need a lot, so I try to get him experiences instead – concert tickets, Yankee tickets, etc. He’s a sports nut too, so usually Yankee related items are a pretty easy win with him (shirts, books, etc).”

Staff Favorites for Father's Day: Dan – Dan, Smile Specialist for 13 Years


“I think a good book is a great value. Most of our dads have everything they need, so you have to find something unique.”

Staff Favorites for Father's Day: James – James, Smile Specialist for 11 Years


“My dad always says his phone doesn’t hold a charge. He even went as far as to move the bed to be closer to the wall to charge it. So I got him a 6′ long phone cord and a backup battery pack for his Samsung smartphone. I’m embarrassed to share that he wears the phone battery from a keychain on his waist so that it’s with him at all times.”

Staff Favorites for Father's Day: Erica – Erica, Smile Specialist for 3 Years

Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

“My Father took a trip to Yellowstone a few years back and I know he’d love a photo book to remember it all. Since he lives far away, I’m also sending him a personalized photo card.”

Staff Favorites for Father's Day: Bill – Bill, Smile Specialist for 17 Years

“I like to do a photo calendar. My Dad always needs one and he loves seeing my daughter, especially since my parents moved and don’t get to see her every day. Plus I try to fill it with funny photos of her that I know he gets a kick out of.”

Staff Favorites for Father's Day: Daniella – Daniella, Smile Specialist for 1 Year

“I once scanned in a bunch of old photos for my Grandma for a photo book featuring all the photos of her with her 5 kids growing up. My Dad loved it so much and asked for a copy (that was 4 years ago!) So, I’m finally going to get him a copy, but add in more photos of him as a kid.”

Staff Favorites for Father's Day: Rachel – Rachel, Smile Specialist for 8 Years

“I’m surprising my Dad with a photo book from his wedding last year. They didn’t get one made and I know he’s going to love it.”

Staff Favorites for Father's Day: Jason – Jason, Smile Specialist for 9 Years

“My Dad is a craft beer enthusiast, so I’m gifting him a collection of his favorite brews. He’s also grown into a big softie in his old(er) age, so I’ll be personalizing them with photo beer labels & throwing in some personalized coasters with a sweet message.”

    – Abby, Smile Specialist for 1 Year

“My dad loves taking photos and is big on experiences over things. I am going to make him a photo book of all of the best pictures he’s taken for Father’s Day.”

   – Marlaina, Smile Specialist for 6 Months


So there you have it, straight from the smile specialists ourselves. Whether your Dad is funny, sincere, silly, straight-forward or downright crazy, he is your Dad. And there is no better time to celebrate all that he is to you than on Father’s Day. If you are still in need of some gift ideas, you’re in luck. We’ve got some great Father’s Day Gifts and personalized photo cards that should do the trick!

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