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By Kay Gardner /
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My girl recently just turned 9 years old and finding some mommy and me time has been hard to come by as she gets older. More things keep getting piled onto our list of duties and activities and has consumed most of our free hours. Her schedule is just as busy as mine with weekly violin lessons, multiple soccer practices, and along with other commitments.

I know right now we are in a busy season of our lives, usually it’s the Fall months, and I also know that things will ease up a bit down the road, so as far as what we have already committed to, we need to stick with it. However, since it is so important that we have time to connect just the two of us, we get creative on how to squeeze a few spare moments out of each day. Whether it’s helping her pick out an outfit for the day, or playing a game of guess that song where we take turns humming and then guessing the song, or reading Harry Potter books together, it ALL counts.
Mom and Daughter with Pinhole Press Family Faces Sticker Book
Recently Pinhole Press contacted me about their new Family Faces Sticker Book, it’s a wire bound book with 30 blank pages and 96 total stickers, it’s up to you who makes the cut. One day after school we had some free time before me starting dinner and her heading out to an activity, I busted out the book for us to do together. We both have a creative side that needs nourishing often and regularly and this sticker book was just the answer. We chatted throughout and laughed wildly after we completed each page. She is very into art and drawing and writing so the blank pages really allow her to let her creative spirit shine.
Fun with Pinhole Press Family Faces Sticker Book


Pinhole Press Family Faces Sticker Book


Pinhole Press Family Faces Sticker Book

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