Quick and Easy DIY Instruments

By Abby Tolbert /

Once your child grows to the ripe age of 8 or 9, they’ll probably come home toting a colored permission slip and beg to join band or orchestra. If you’re lucky, it’ll wind up being an enriching experience and a lifelong passion. But if you’re the majority, expect to listen to hours of terrible (but endearing!) squawking noises until they eventually get bored and quit.

With these cheap and easy DIY instruments, all is well if they decide to pursue other passions:

Drinking Straw Flute 

Here’s some music to your ears: this easy DIY instrument is perfect for those who detest DIYs. It’s that easy. Just make sure you use paper straws when crafting this musical masterpiece. Because, ya know, the sea turtles.

Musical Anklets

These fringed anklets, like all great accessories, are both trendy and functional. Watch your little one kick, cartwheel, and dance to the sound of jingling bells. It’s the perfect way to get them to willingly go outside.

Easter Egg Maracas

 Ah, finally, a functional use for those easter eggs you’ve been stepping on for the past few days. These adorable maracas are simple, colorful, and perfect for tiny hands.

Washi Tape Rainsticks

Washi tape might be the best invention since black leggings, and we want to stick these colorful strips of tape on every DIY project that comes our way. These sprinkling rain sticks are what washi dreams are made of.


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