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As smile specialists, the team at Pinhole Press knows that one can never take too many photos. We believe in capturing the beauty of everyday happenings and once-in-a-lifetime moments alike. In the spirit of summer adventures, we’re sharing our favorite vacation shots from best-loved trips near and far, and giving away a photography package to one lucky winner! 

“During my trip to Greece, I walked up two-thousand-year-old stone stairs to the top of the island of Delos and got to see a 360 view of the island. I’ll never forget it.”

-Jason, Smile Specialist for 9 Years


“My favorite vacation would have to be from my recent trip to St. Thomas. Not only was the sapphire water a lovely contrast from the bitter cold plaguing Upstate NY, but I got to see my sister who was working as a travel nurse in the tropics. (On Christmas, no less!) We had the best week filled with snorkeling, sunsets, and boozey fruit smoothies.”

– Abby, Smile Specialist for 1 Year


“I’ve always wanted to travel the world, but it either never seemed to be the right time or I never found someone who could join me. I finally got brave and traveled solo to Bali for my 30th birthday. This has been my favorite adult vacation because it gave me the confidence to travel all the way across the globe to meet the most amazing people, try some fabulous new cuisine and see the most stunning sights. I was able to climb a volcano (Mt. Batur) at 3 AM to see the sunrise at the very top, visit a local woman’s health clinic, have dinner with the locals and snorkel with all the fish. All because I was brave enough to get on the plane solo.”

– Rachel, Smile Specialist for 8 years



“I went on a picture-perfect vacation just earlier in the year; I spent 5 days on a chartered catamaran that sailed around the British Virgin Islands. It was an incredible trip filled with sunshine, salt water, pain-killer rum drinks, and relaxation. My favorite part was that no moment was wasted – even transition times were spent sailing from one island to another for continued exploration.”

-Erica, Smile Specialist for 3 Years


“Big Sur in California is one of the most breathtaking places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. I highly recommend planning a trip to explore all the magic it has to offer.”

– Marlaina, Smile Specialist for 6 months


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22 thoughts on “Picture-Perfect Staff Vacations”

  1. My favorite vacation memory was a sunrise hot air balloon ride in Turkey. The early morning wake up was worth it, and certainly a once in a lifetime memory (especially the bumpy landing).

  2. I’m from Minnesota, and every summer growing up my family took road trips out west to go car camping–the Badlands, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park. I have the fondest memories of visiting those beautiful places and being on a scrappy adventure with my parents and brother. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to handle spending that much time in the car so we can continue the tradition.

  3. My favorite vacation memory is camping at Rocky Mountain National Park with my husband. We could hear the elk calling in the distance in the middle of the night, it was very cool!

  4. We took a camper to Iowa and along the way made a few fun stops. Including the Field of Dreams. It rained so much my tent was flooded, ha!! Crazy & memorable!!

  5. One wonderful memory is seeing a solitary wild burro drinking from the river by our campsite at Big Bend 🙂

  6. During the first night of our honeymoon in Cancun, the resort staff left out rose petals by our in-room jacuzzi. Naturally, as newly weds we wanted to take a romantic bath together, so we filled the tub with water and sprinkled the rose petals on top. My husband excitedly jumped into the bath and turned on the jets. Unfortunately, we weren’t the first couple who had this romantic idea. Decaying rose petals burst out of the jets covering my sweet husband in rotting plant matter. We both have a good sense of humor, so we laughed hysterically as he ran to the shower to clean off.

  7. My favorite vacation memory was a trip to the Mission Inn in Riverside, California, after finding a 10-page handwritten description of the corner room and uniqueness of the Inn, written by both my grandmother and grandfather on their honeymoon in 1924. We were able to tour their actual room, donate the letter on authentic Mission Inn stationery to their museum, and see some changes but also how much remained the same nearly 100 years later. We did find postcards showing some the historic scenes described but no longer there.

  8. Thank you for sharing these wonderful memories! One of my favorite vacation memories took place when I traveled to Europe for the first time with my 7-month-old daughter and husband. We hiked through Triglav National Park in Slovenia and had the most beautiful views, including seeing people paragliding above us. It was magical and it felt like we had stepped into a fairy tale.

  9. My favorite vacation memory is my 4 year-old dragging us into the Sorbonne when we brought him and his infant brother to Paris. I don’t know what so intrigued him about that building, but in we went. The best picture was him looking like a very small scholar posing unknowingly beneath a bulletin board.

  10. I’ve been on some wonderful vacations, but my favorite vacation memory was our honeymoon throughout Italy! Neither of us had been to Europe before, and in the middle of our trip we spent the entire day hiking through the Cinque Terre towns… pristine views, gorgeous weather, and the most amazing (and hard-earned!) food along the way: pistachio gelato, pizza, a charcuterie spread, pesto toast, and limoncello slushies!

    We ended the day exhausted and happy, eating dinner at a spot overlooking the ocean. Our waiter misunderstood us that we had just gotten married, not engaged, but the entire restaurant started cheering and clapping, and people kept coming by to congratulate us. It was so funny and sweet — the cherry on top of an incredible day.

  11. Our family vacation to Lake Tahoe! We stopped at Lake June by complete accident and it was the best day. We all enjoyed stretching our legs and swimming.

  12. One of my favorite vacation memories (who can pick just one?!) is simply sitting around a bonfire with my extended family (we all met in Northern Michigan for a giant family trip). At dusk, the kids were running free & wild, the parents were all reminiscing & enjoying a glass of wine, & we all roasted s’mores well into the night!

  13. A recent trip to Disneyworld with my daughter meant running through the park trying to see all of the princesses and get her picture made with each. It was fun to spend an afternoon with my daughter and funny because folks were looking at us with surprise since she was 30 years old!

  14. My favourite vacation memory is tiptoeing out of our hotel room in Myrtle Beach at 5:30 in the morning, with my children, to meet up with my Father. We had to be the first ones on the beach to hunt for shells. I will never forget those walks along the ocean, as the sun gradually rose. Complete serenity.
    My Father is long gone and the children grown but great memories.

  15. I love the people we meet along the way. The summer after I graduated from high school my father took our family to Europe. A few years later I am at college and my roommate is dating a boy, as we talk about travel we realize that this is not our first time meeting but we have actually talked to each other standing in line on the Eiffel Tower!

  16. My favorite memory was in high school with my mom and sister in Charleston SC. We got dressed up and just explored the city taking photos in as many beautiful places as we could find. It was fun and a great way to capture that youthful energy we had back then along with the beauty of the city!

  17. The pictures from St Thomas look amazing! I’ve never been and the color of that water makes me wanna book a trip now!

  18. Growing up, we would vacation with all of our cousins in the Ozarks. We made so many memories swimming, tubing/water skiing, jet skiing out on the water. Such a fun way to spend time with our extended family who lived in several different states.

  19. One of my favorite vacations is when I took my kids to see the ocean for our first time. They’re were barely old enough to remember, but I had to do it. We’ll have to make another trip soon… anywhere by the water. Bali sounds amazing!

  20. I really loved going to Cancun with my wife. We took a risk by going in September because of hurricane season, but we basically had the whole resort to ourselves. It was an amazing time with exceptional people we met.

  21. My favourite vacation memory was when we went to Majorca, Spain. The weather was perfect, the scenery was amazing and this combination resulted in some fantastic photos!

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