Cooking with Kids: BBQ Chicken Pizza Pockets

By Bree Hester /

I need to be honest – I love cooking for my family, but not always a huge fan of cooking dinner every night. If your family is anything like my family, then you have a lot going on. School, sports, after school activities, work, all kinds of things that fill up the spaces on our calendars. It can seem like the only way to feed them dinner is to grab something from a drive thru or get take out.

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Kids’ Style: Preppy Page-Boy and Artsy Athlete

By Merrilee Liddiard /

Shopping for kids’ clothes can be equal parts stressful and fun (usually tipping the scales over into the stressful part). We usually end up hauling kids around the mall only to find very few items we like, or attempting to squeeze a bulky stroller and two rowdy boys into a quaint boutique shop that is really too small to accommodate children, even though they have great children’s clothes. Consequentially, I’ve grown to love shopping online. The options are more unique and if you make a point to scour the sales pages, particularly when seasons are changing, you can find some really great amazing items for a great price. For example, boots are great to purchase this time of year, as they are still relevant for crispy spring nights and pair great with shorts and leggings.

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4 High Impact Afternoon Painting Projects

By Kim Vargo /

It’s no secret that you can dramatically change the look and feel of an entire room with a can (or two) of paint, a roller and your bare walls. But what about a quick painting project that’ll conquer your craving for change without needing to cover your sofa in a drop cloth? Throw on your DIY tee; here’s a round up of painting projects that’ll give your home a high impact punch with minimal effort – dare I say, projects you can complete in an afternoon? Let’s welcome spring with a fresh dose of color, the simplified way.

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5 Tips for Reviving Your Bookcase

By Kim Vargo /

Styling your bookcase can feel a bit intimidating; really, I know. (I’ve been there before, paralyzed with fear, too!) With all the stunning imagery of impeccably styled shelves around the web, you might wonder how fellow home lovers keep things feeling so effortless, right? I truly don’t believe there are steadfast rules when it comes to a beautifully styled bookcase, but if you’re looking at your own overstuffed and chaotic shelves and feeling ready to breathe new life into your display, here are a few easy tips I’ve learned along the way to keep things feeling fun, fresh and most importantly, more like you.

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Teach Kids to Write Thank You Cards in 3 Steps

By Kristin Appenbrink /

I will forever be a fan of a well-written thank you card. As much as I love the convenience of email, texting, and social media, there’s something about the thank you card—it’s one of the few lasting signs of good manners. And thankfully, it’s an easy skill to master, even for your kids. That’s one of the reasons thank you cards have remained as we’ve ditched other etiquette rules. They are quick to write and can be relatively informal, but they still show more consideration than a text message. Read More “Teach Kids to Write Thank You Cards in 3 Steps”

As Loved by A Cup of Jo: Scribble Pads

By Rachel Castro /

This post about Pinhole Press was first published on A Cup of Jo. You can view the original post here.

Inspired by Swedes, we try our best to play outside every day of the year (take that, NYC winters!), but of course there are many cold dark days where you’re cooped up inside most of the time. So, I’ve been brainstorming fun things to do inside this winter to keep us from going stir crazy.

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