Positively Impact your Baby’s Emotional Development

By Rachel Castro /

The amount of change and growth babies experience in the first year is a marvel to witness. In fact, the only other time in their lives where they do more growing in such a short span is during those few precious months in the womb. In a single year, you will watch your baby gain social and emotional skills, increase her capacity for language and communication, and grow her cognitive and thinking abilities. Having a custom board book with family names and faces, or learning how to create a board book, is a great way to engage with your baby and help her grow and learn over that first year and beyond.

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How to Create a Custom Board Book

By Rachel Castro /

The cherished friendship between children and their books has thrived for hundreds of years with no sign of fading. From fabric and board books in the infant and toddler years to paper pages later on, books are a comfort, escape, entertainment and teaching tool for kids of all ages. Take this magic one step further by creating a personalized reading experience for your child with the Mini Book of Names and Faces.

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Our Favorite Mini Books: My First Travel Custom Board Book

By Rachel Castro /

Ashley of Hither & Thither travels with her family a lot. She always shares great gift ideas for kids including gift ideas for traveling kiddos. To make a first travel photo book for her son Hudson, Ashley gathered together pictures that he would like the most, including: “pictures that included him, animals, or might evoke a memory or lead to a story I know he’d love to hear told (like that time he was given a fish to care for by our hotel in Portland, or that time he ate fried worms in Mexico City).”

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Custom Stout Floats and Personalized Beer Labels for Dad!

By Kim Vargo /

Every year, Scott and I like to treat each other on our respective Mother’s and Father’s Days. Although we don’t currently have children of our own, we are very proud parents to four rescue pets that we love, as we say, to the moon and back! As a result, we may take the dogs on a picnic lunch in the park, or we might go on an extra long walk with the pups around the neighborhood. This, of course, while indulging on sundaes from the local Tastee Freeze.

I had a fun treat in mind this year for Scott, and I was excited to make it extra personal by using custom beer bottle labels from Pinhole Press! Although you can apply the label directly on the beer bottle, I peeled the regular beer label off first and then applied the personalized beer labels for a seamless look. After allowing the bottles to soak in a bowl for 30 minutes, the labels scraped off with little effort. I surprised Scott with the photos I chose, and he got a good laugh out of it! Mission accomplished.

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How to Apply Custom Beer and Wine Labels

By Kim Vargo /
Last year, Scott and I hosted a holiday party in our new-to-us home, and we had such a great response, that we decided to make it an annual tradition! You might remember that we made custom Pinhole Press invitations and labels to snail mail to our guests, but this year, we stepped it up another notch and created personalized labels for the drinks. I did something similar for Scott this past Father’s Day, and it was just as much fun to share the silliness with our closest friends over the weekend.

But first, we had to come up with a design! Since our four legged kiddos rule this roost, we made them the stars of the show, naturally. I took a mini instant photo of each, scanned them in and used those images for personalized Pinhole beer and wine labels.

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A Beautiful Mess just Launched A Color Story App. Is it Worth the Download?

By Rachel Castro /

The ladies at A Beautiful Mess have just released a new photo editing app called A Color Story. We dove in immediately to understand how this new app can impact your iPhone photos and delight your social media feeds. But, first things first.

Is A Color Story app worth downloading? YES. (Start the download and read on.)   

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