One And Done Home Improvement

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One Day Home Improvement Ideas

With home décor trends changing faster than we can say “Fixer Upper”, it can be hard as hellllll to stay up-to-date without spending a fortune. We blame Joanna Gaines and her stark white kitchens. I mean, she’s so cool it actually hurts.

Anyways, don’t weep over your outdated oak brown cabinets just yet. We’re swinging some one-day home improvement ideas your way.

Paint your front door: Sometimes, it’s what’s on the outside that counts. This study shows that homes with front doors painted in dark shades sold for $6,271 over their market value. That’s a lot of target runs.

Frame your Bathroom Mirror: If taking a leak is your only moment of solitude during the day, you may as well enjoy the view. Framing your bathroom mirror can make your oval office look larger and more refined.

Upgrade your house numbers: Lend a hand to the pizza delivery guy by updating those old house numbers. You aren’t confined to block lettering etched to the front of your home, either. Here are 25 creative ways to brand your residence

Swap out your switchplates: Here’s the thing about details, they count! And your eye-sore switch plates are no exception. There’s a lot you can do to make them decidedly less boring, like camouflaging them into your wall.

“Glamify” a Blank Space: There is minimalist decor… and thennnn there’s that one wall at your place looks like the inside of a jail cell. This super cheap renovation option only requires tape and is the perfect quick-fix for your white-wall woes.



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