Millennial Food Trends We’re Dying to Try

By Abby Tolbert /

Millennials are setting the status quo for future generations in countless different ways. They generally understand the value of a work-life balance, they’re passionate about environmental issues, and they embrace health and wellness. Best of all, millennials bring creativity to the (dinner) table when it comes to new cuisine creations- and we’re not just talking about avocado toast! Here are some of the newest millennial food trends that we’re dying to try. 

Bubble Waffles

These cloudlike creations are sort of like a regular waffle, except fluffier and sweeter. Bubble waffles are perfect for breakfast, obviously, but they also make a really awesome waffle cone and could totally be served with…


Rolled ice cream

 Are the days of soft-serve cones with sprinkles over? Of course not. But rolled ice cream is a fun and new way to enjoy a favorite summertime treat. These little sushi-like rolls are made with a vanilla ice cream base and fresh ingredients added for flavor.



 There are few things more refreshing than frozen adult beverages. Wine slushies have been a summer staple at concerts and festivals since the dark ages, and frose is like the wine slushies cooler, more stylish older cousin.


Cooking with Cabbage

 Remember when everyone was using cauliflower as a way to make recipes lower in carbs? Well move over cauli-rice, cabbage is the new guy on the block and there are SO many recipes that use this versatile leafy green as a base, like these cabbage enchiladas


CBD Beverages

Drinks with cannabidiol, or CBD for short, will not get you high. However, this chemical compound is known to help with inflammation, anxiety, and pain relief. Try out one of these new CBD beverages, like the kickback cold brew, and see what the hype is all about. 


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