Managing Teen Angst

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Managing Teen Angst

What’s worse than a newborn who’s allergic to sleep? Is it a toddler who tries to eat everything? Nope. It’s a moody teen, proclaiming that you’re “literally, the worst mom ever”. (Ouch) Managing teen angst can be tough, especially when nobody warns you how much it can suck. Without further ado: our survival guide for those ne’er spoken of teen years:

Be a Parent AND a Friend: A friendship with your child won’t erode the respect that your teen has for you. What it will do, however, is strengthen their trust and make them more likely to respond positively when it is time to lay down the law. As the cliche goes: finding balance is key.

Encourage Good Self Care: Our physical and mental wellbeing are deeply intertwined with one another, which is why self-care is so important for teens. Encourage your child to get adequate sleep, have a device-less meals, and to eat well. They’ll be less likely to snap at you for simply asking how their day was.  

Do Something Together:  No matter how small. Even just running a few simple errands is a great way to connect with your growing teenager. Car ride hangouts are a smart choice since there’s literally nowhere for them to run or hide from you if the conversation gets weird. (See: moving vehicle)


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