Hydration Inspiration

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A few tips to stay hydrated

Water drinking: an issue we all stand divided on. Some people love water and drink it willingly and consistently, even at restaurants. Others have a thirst that only diet coke and iced coffee can satisfy. Whatever camp you fall into, we could all stand to get our hydration on. Especially since consistent water drinking prevents headaches and boosts energy levels!

Buy a water bottle you love: View your water bottle as an accessory and pick one that matches your personality. We dig S’Well for the design options and CamelBak for the built-in straw.

Infuse with fruits: Wine is made of grapes, and grapes are fruit. By that logic, if you put fruit in your water you’re baaaasically drinking wine, right? Consider these 8 great fruit combinations for hydration with a (lemon) twist.

Opt for seltzer: When it comes to seltz, haters gonna hate. (hate, hate, hate, hate). But seltzer is a great alternative to soda, as long as it’s not of the spiked variety. For the newbies, here are 18 of the best and worst la croix flavors, ranked.

Water Over Everything: Before you reach for your morning (or mid-afternoon) cup of joe, doctors suggest sipping on a big glass of water first. This practice is a surefire way to help you stay hydrated, despite your probable caffeine dependency.

Use an app: Your phone is probably within an arm’s reach at all times. Apps like Waterlogged can help you remember to take a sip by sending you notifications based on your daily drankin’ goals.



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