How to Create an Amazing Photo Gallery Wall

By Rachel Castro /

Life goes by fast, especially when you have kids. Babies change so quickly, and within just a few months they look like little people — and you simply cannot travel back in time to recapture a moment.

No matter how much you’re convinced that you’ll remember everything about a certain time in your life, memories fade. Displaying your best family photos keeps your memories front and center, and they can provide a great conversation piece for any guest to your home. It’s also fun for kids to see pictures of themselves when they were small to understand just how far they’ve come, and they can spark stories of your family history that kids may not remember.

Planning a Photo Gallery Wall

To create your own gallery wall, choose your best photos and the frames to go with them. Pinhole Press makes it easy to create a set of matching framed photo prints — all you need to do is choose the frame color. White frames can make your space seem airier and bring the focus straight to the photo, so it’s a good choice to brighten an area without a lot of natural light. Black frames, on the other hand, create a more geometric feel that can be perfect for modern spaces. They also work well if you’re using black-and-white photographs for a classic look.

(Image by Stephanie Nielson)

(Click on the photo above to zoom in on Stephanie’s gallery wall design.)

How to Create a Gallery Wall

To make your own gallery wall, measure the space you want to fill and experiment with different arrangements of photos. Try taping off the size and shape of your gallery wall on the floor, then arranging and rearranging frames within that space until you’re satisfied. Stephanie Nielson’s gallery wall works well because it fills a finite space and keeps the upper and lower edges of the frames in a straight line for a neat overall look. She also used a three-inch gap between frames for perfect proportions around each 8×10 framed print. Or, design your wall around an 11×14 frame.

When you’re ready to hang the photos, you’ll need to gather the following tools:

  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • tack hammer
  • level
  • hanging hardware, including hooks and nails

First, measure and mark the outer edges of your gallery wall, using a level to make sure your gallery doesn’t end up crooked. Make the center line and begin to hang your frames from the center, working your way to the outer edges. Step back often to check your work as you go, and keep your tape measure handy — for this many photos, you can’t rely on your eye to get it right. Take your time, and when you’re finished you’ll have an impressive gallery of family photos in your home.

(Image by Annie Pierce at @anniesforgetmeknots)

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