How to Create a Board Book with Family Photos

By Rachel Castro /

The Mini Book of Names and Faces is a personalized board book that will help your child learn family names and first words. Perfect for small hands, this custom board book is designed for children ages one and up. The Mini Book of Names and Faces board book is a great gift for a baby who has family members spread out across the country or the world.


 4 Tips for Building your Board Book

It’s easy to create a personalized board book with family photos. Add photos to Pinhole Press from Instagram, Facebook or your computer. Then, drag and drop your photos into your board book. While you create your book, keep these additional tips in mind to create a book that is unique to your family.

1. Add and Remove Pages

To add and remove pages, look in the upper-right corner of your designer window. Then, click the add or minus button to add to remove a page from the board book.

2. Move and Re-Arrange Pages

To re-arrange pages in your board book, click the button that has two arrows on it in the upper-right corner or your designer window. Then, choose to move your current page before a different page in the book.

3. Change the Page Color with Layouts

You may want to change the color of the page that you are working on. Or, you may want to change the color of a page that you have added to your book. To change a page color, click the Layouts tab in the bottom of your designer window near the Current Photos and All Photos tabs. Then, drag and drop the page color of your choice into yoru board book.

4. Reduce Text Size and Change Text Color

To change the color of your text, select the color square under the Text Color title in the upper-right of your designer window. Choose your favorite text color and the text on your board book will update. To change the text size, select large, medium or small from the drop down under Text Size.

Gather inspiration from other moms on our board book Pinterest page. Once you have created your board book, share your photos with us by tagging #pinholepress.


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