How to Create a Bilingual Board Book

By Rachel Castro /
How to Create a Bilingual Photo Board Book

Teach your child a new language or bridge the gap between your child’s native language and the language spoken in your household with the help of a bilingual photo board book! Use English, Spanish, French, Italian or a combination. If you need special characters (like Korean or Chinese), our design team is on standby, ready to assist. Just email us!

How to Create a Bilingual Board Book:

1. Create a Plan

  • Think about what photo you’d like on the cover and what you want your text to say.
  • You can create up to 20 spreads (40 pages) in your board book.
  • If you have more than 20 people/pets/things that you’d like to feature in your book, consider doubling up on one spread (example: Have grandma and Grandpa be in the same photo). There are many page templates to choose from, so pick the one that best fits the photos that you want to include.

2. Organize your photos

  • Gather photos from your own collection, or reach out to friends and family for photos that you may not have access to.
  • Save all of your photos to one location to make them easier to upload.
  • Make sure you use high resolution images! Most photos taken with digital cameras or cell phones are safe to use. But, if your image is too small, you will get a “low resolution” warning, indicating that your photo likely won’t print well.

3. Build Your Board Book

  • Navigate to the Bilingual Board Book page and upload your photos.
  • Knowing the photos that you want included, review and change templates to fit your photos. Then, drag and drop your photos into the gray boxes and customize your text.
  • You can change the page color by dragging and dropping a new layout into your board book. (Pro Tip: Do this before you change the text. Otherwise, it will overwrite what you’ve already typed ☺️)
  • If you need help with translating your copy, type your word(s) into Google Translate and pick the language you’d like it to be translated to. Copy and paste the translated word into the text box on your layout.
  • Our templates can easily handle text-based foreign languages such as Italian, German and French. For special character languages, like Korean or Chinese, follow the steps at the bottom of this post!
  • Finish customizing all the pages in your book, review it once more and checkout!

Create Your Bilingual Board Book

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How to Build a Board Book with a Special Character Language (Korean or Chinese)

  • Email and let us know you would like to order a board book with special characters including which language you want us to add.
  • We’ll place your account on hold.
  • Personalize your board book with your photos and any English words you’d like to include.
  • Check out when you’re done  – don’t worry, it won’t go to print right away!
  • Email us the words in the special character language including which page and where on the page you would like the characters placed.
  • We’ll provide a proof of your final book for you to approve.

Need a custom Bilingual Board book? Email Us!

Learning a second language can be beneficial when considering a child’s cultural awareness, ties to their roots, and ability to adapt in a new or unfamiliar environment. Our bilingual board book is an excellent tool for fostering the love of a second language in little ones. Because no matter how you tell your story, it should always spread a smile.