House Plants for Every Room in Your Home

By Abby Tolbert /

If there’s ever been a time to flex your green thumb, spoiler alert: it’s now. Not only are houseplants the trendiest tool for any and all aesthetic overhauls, but they’ve also been known to decrease stress, filter air toxins, and boost creativity. Here are the most functional plants for your home, by room:

Bedroom: Does everything you touch wither up and die? If you’re nodding your head right now, then the virtually indestructible snake plant is the answer to your brown-thumb woes. These night-owl succulents will release oxygen while you’re catching Z’s and can survive in any lighting.

Kitchen: The well-known Aloe Vera plant is the perfect succulent for the hub of your home, since it purifies air and requires minimal maintenance. Aloe Vera also provides a natural source of relief for the next time you’re inevitably burned by a hot pan.   

Living Room: The rattlesnake calathea is a colorfully whimsical plant whose leaves rise and fall with the sunrise and sunset. Often referred to as “prayer plants” because of their active nature, rattlesnake calatheas are a super zen option for medium-lit spaces. (Like your living room!)

Bathroom: The bird’s nest fern is a tropical perennial that typically thrives in warm, humid environments. This means that this little guy’s ideal home is a full bathroom with natural light + plenty of shower steam.

Brown thumb got you down? Check out these stunning stalwart plastic plants. (They almost look like the real thing!)

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