Handbag Must-Haves

By Pinhole Press /
The Must-Have Items in your Handbag

Has your purse become a designated dumping ground for random, useless items? You’re in good company, girlfriend. Let’s clean out those broken cheerios, abandoned shopkins, and cough drop wrappers. It’s time to re-prioritize your purse game.

Portable chargerThis charger is great for when you’re out of the house and your phone dies from excessive Instagramming. Alternatively, it’ll come in handy when you’re out to eat and your kid freaks out over their tablet dying. (You’re welcome)

Purse-sized water bottle: Drinking enough water can be a challenge when all you ever truly want is an iced coffee. Make it easier with this 500 ml water bottle that fits neatly in your purse (or diaper bag) for any adventure. 

Liquid Lipstick: Ah, yes. We all know the joy of discovering melted lipstick stuck to the inside of our bags after a beach day. This liquid option comes in a secure tube that won’t melt all over your belongings and ruin your life

Lighted pocket mirror: We know, it’s not 1863. You could always just use your front-facing camera to check for mascara smudges. But this compact option features bright lights and a magnified mirror to keep you looking as fab as ever.

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