What’s an Elderberry?

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Find out what an Elderberry is and how the heck you use them!

It sounds a lot like a mythical fruit that you’d find in an enchanted forest. But elderberries are real, and they might as well be magical. They have anti-aging properties, so we’ll def be eating them by the handful. If your tastes are more refined than ours, we’ve got you covered with some yummy recipes:

elderflower & pear martini

Light and fresh, just sipping this martini will make you feel important. It only requires three ingredients, making for a no-fuss cocktail to be enjoyed on any occasion. (Or on no occasion at all!)

Elderberry Muffins 

After trying these redcurrant and elderberry muffins, we promise you’ll never return to boring old blueberry again. These delicious little morsels feature a crunchy and sweet streusel topping that will make them the star of your Sunday brunch.

Elderberry Jelly 

Homemade jellies and jams tend to pack a full-bodied punch of fruit flavor that can’t be emulated within a jar of Smucker’s. This elderberry jelly is no exception, pairing harmoniously with crackers and sharp cheddar cheese. It’s so good, you won’t want to waste it on your kid’s PBJ.

Elderberry Cookies 

Swap your usual decadent dessert for this tart and fruity treat. This light and fluffy cookie tastes like summertime and is a great contrast from the gingerbread cookies we gorged on all winter.

Did you try any of these elderberry treats? Let’s swap recipes in The Meltdown’s Facebook Group!

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