Custom Board Book: Baby’s First Year Photo Book

By PJ Feinstein /

When I started taking monthly photos of Levi as a baby, my goal was to print them in a baby book. I spent one exhausting weekend sorting through a year’s worth of digital images to create an album that includes his monthly photos, my monthly letters to him, and 12 months of candid shots.

The result was well worth the effort. I now have a beautiful hardcover coffee table book highlighting all of Levi’s milestones from his first year — that I’ll never leave out on the coffee table. It was too expensive and the pages are too fragile to be within reach of my children’s eager hands.

Determined to find a more kid-friendly way to display Levi’s monthly baby photos, I worked with Pinhole Press to create a simple 12-photo framed collage. It beautifully complements our modern decor and makes me smile every time I walk past it.

Unfortunately, the photo collage is hung too high on the wall for Levi to see. And we all know how much kids like to admire themselves as babies.

So I collaborated with Pinhole Press once again to create a personalized board book featuring all of Levi’s monthly photos.

Turns out, their Mini Book of Names & Faces is the perfect size and shape for a first year photo book. It’s thick, durable, coated pages were designed to be enjoyed by little hands. Plus, it’s affordable. Simply upload your baby’s 12 monthly photos (using your favorite one as the cover photo) and add the names of the months.

I’m so thrilled with how Levi’s first year baby book turned out that I definitely plan to make one for Asa. (Note to selfFinish editing Asa’s baby photos and share them on the blog.)

I’d also like to make a traditional Mini Book of Names & Faces with family photos to help Asa learn the names and faces of family members who live far away. Then maybe one of our long-distance friends, too.

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