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By Erica Stoeckeler /
Adult Coloring Book Free Download

Let’s make today the most colorful day of the year.

We caught wind that today is #nationalcoloringbookday and, well, we’ll take any excuse to color! Anyone can color, its not just for artists.  Join us – put your creative muscles to the test with our downloadable coloring book.

Have fun bringing our simple yet detailed designs to life. Download and print our coloring book to doodle in at your desk, keep in your purse for fun on the run… (or, you can follow our lead and enjoy with a nice glass of red).

Adult coloring is more than just a trend! Here are the top 5 benefits of coloring for adults:

  1. Stress and anxiety levels can potentially decrease as you enter a meditative state while coloring.
  2. Negative thoughts are expelled as you practice self-expression.
  3. Unplugging from technology promotes creation over consumption.
  4. You create your own positivity.
  5. Slowing down to enjoy the present.

We’d LOVE to see your creations – show us @PinholePress on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest. 

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