Homemade Dog Cookies + Doggie Bags for All!

By Kim Vargo /

It’s been a bit of a rough winter for our two rescue pups, Jack and CC. Walks have been shorter due to the cold, they’ve each gotten the sniffles (and proceeded to pass them back and forth between each other incessantly), and although spring is finally here, it’s been far too long since they’ve rolled around in a patch of green grass. Wanting to show them some extra love, I whipped up a batch of super simple homemade dog cookies inspired by this recipe!

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Almond Biscotti Recipe for Mother’s Day

By Pinhole Press /

My family’s recipes are just as valuable to me as family photos. They are rich in tradition and history and I treasure them more than anything. The problem is that a lot of the recipes that my mom, grandmother, and sister use are not written down. Or they have steps or ingredients missing. Not always helpful. And the end result? Well, not always how I remember them.

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