Baby’s First Year Photoshoot Ideas

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“They grow up so fast!” isn’t just a cliche, it’s a reality; especially in the first year of a baby’s life. So many changes happen in the 12 months after a little one makes their debut, from rolling over, to army crawling, to walking. Document every monthly growth spurt with the help of these creative, month by month photo ideas that have taken the internet by storm; and when you’re done collecting photos, make them into a memorable keepsake with the help of our Baby’s First Year Board Book.

A Little Slice of Heaven

via Popsugar

This innovative baby photoshoot idea is perfect for lighthearted pizza-pie lovers. Celebrate each monthly milestone by ordering pizza and laying your baby down next to the number of slices that correspond with how many months they’ve been in the world. By the time they get to a year, you’ll have a full pie to show for it.

Fabulous Floral Wreaths

via Project Nursery on Pinterest

This gorgeous photoshoot idea features number-shaped arrangements of colorful flowers against a white backdrop for a vibrant, modern look. Mix it up with different flower arrangements from tulips, to roses, to sunflowers.

Beautiful Baby Milestone Blankets

via Walmart

   There are some talented artists on websites like Etsy that sell personalized blankets intended to be a backdrop for month by month photos. Some have wreath or flower themes, and others feature elephants, car speedometers, and more! This option is great for busy parents with busy babies.

Growing Up and Growing Out

via Overnight Prints Blog

This photoshoot option shows just how quickly babies grow. Buy your little one an oversized onesie and take photos month-by-month as they begin to fill it out. By the time they’re a year old, they’ll be snug as a bug in their big kid cozy clothes. 

Make it Seasonal 

via Rebecca Denton Photography

December? Go for a Santa-themed baby this month. What about November? A little one dressed as a turkey should do the trick! This seasonal approach to month-by-month baby photos is unique and, because it doesn’t follow a consistent theme, you’ll get to have a lot of fun when deciding how to dress your baby for 12 different months of the year.

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