As Loved by A Cup of Jo: Mini Book of Names and Faces for Father’s Day

By Rachel Castro /

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This past Father’s Day, we made Toby a board book about his adventures with Daddy. He LOVED the book and still reads it all the time.

So, for Christmas this year, we’re planning to surprise him with a stack of five new photo books

Each book features thirteen photos of Toby with his favorite people—going to parks, eating dinner, swimming, all those fun things.

We made one for Mommy, Daddy and Anton…

…as well as Nana and Opa, since they live too far away!

I’m so excited to give them to him. This book of the brothers makes my heart sing:)

The mini photo books from Pinhole Press are adorable and really easy to make. It would be cute to make board books of vacations and birthday parties, too.

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of JoPinhole Press is one of my beloved long-term sponsors. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make Cup of Jo possible.)


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