As Loved by A Cup of Jo: Birth Announcements

By Rachel Castro /

This post about Pinhole Press was first published on A Cup of Jo. You can view the original post here.

Once we had taken family photos, we decided to make a few photo products for our friends and family. As always, we used Pinhole Press, since we love their simple, beautiful designs. First, we made birth announcements to send to our friends across the country and my family in England. My grandmother doesn’t have an email account, so this will be the first photo she’ll see of Anton!

Then we made a mini panoramic photo book. It’s small enough to fit into a purse (perfect for proud grandmothers), and the pages are ultrathick and hard enough to knock on, which feels really luxurious.

It’s so nice to have real products we can hold in our hands, instead of having the photos stuck on the computer:) Here are a few more nursery favorites


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