7 Gifts for Valentine’s Day in the Classroom

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Pinhole Press Goodie Bag and Custom Photo Label

Before you know it, Valentine’s Day is here and aside from making sure your significant other is taken care of, there are the kids to think about, or should I say their class. Parents and teachers know all too well the added stress of forgetting or last minute shopping for Valentine’s Day in the classroom. It can be hard to get creative, without overspending.

Here’s a fun list of small, but personal ideas to help make this Valentine’s Day in the classroom a little bit easier and all the more special.

7 Gifts for Valentine’s Day in the Classroom

For the Kids

Pinhole Press Goodie Bag and Custom Photo Label

Goodie Bag & Photo Label. If you want to bring in a special treat for your child’s class, put them in these with a custom photo label of your child on the front. A sweet and personalized touch for only $11.99

Pinhole Press Kid's Valentine's Day Cards

Kid’s Valentine’s Day Photo Card. Make your child’s valentines personal with custom photo cards. Kid’s cards are small and personalized with your own message and a picture of your little one. Kid’s Valentine’s Day Photo Cards are just 1.69 a card. Pinhole Press Custom Love Coupons for Kids

Photo Love Coupons for Kids. A cute and creative alternative to candy. Give your child’s class coupons for free playdates! Personalize them with your own message and photo, and give one to each classmate. The whole book of 50 pages just $12.99Valentine's Day Stickers

Personalized Photo Stickers: Close up your Valentine’s Day cards, and seal them with a personalized sticker. Your little one will have so much fun posting their tongue-out, smiling face in envelopes for their classmates.

For the Teacher

Pinhole Press Custom Photo Valentine's Day Cards

Photo Valentine’s Day Card. Give the teacher a personalized card from your little one. Customize it with your child’s photo and a sweet message from them. Valentine’s Day Photo Cards start as low as $3.99 and can be mailed directly to them!

Pinhole Press Custom Photo Memory Game in Ombre

Memory Game. A fun and unique gift for the classroom. Give your child’s teacher a memory game personalized from the class. Giving them a lasting memory from the year and a fun new game to play with all the kids. Memory games are $24.99.


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