5 Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

By Abby Tolbert /
What to give when they have everything

It’s December 23rd.  You swore to yourself that you’d start your shopping earlier this year. But as always, pumpkin pie turned into fruitcake before you even had time to digest your Thanksgiving dinner. You are not alone, here’s our guide for last-minute shoppers feverishly searching for the perfect gift.

As you watch the chaos unravel around you, you’re acutely aware that your plan to shop early did not happen. Again. The sparse selection of overly priced bakeware at Macy’s is enough to crush your already dwindling spirit, but sheer horror ensues when you remember who you’re shopping for. 

It’s your mother-in-law. She’s a Le Creuset connoisseur and has an arsenal of every single Yankee Candle that’s been released since 2003. Her heart is as big as her collection of Willow Tree figurines, so you can’t bear the idea of gifting her something mediocre.

Gone are the days of pungent department store perfume and Starbucks gift cards. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas for that one person in your life who seems to have it all.

 Gift an Experience

To be fair, some tangible gifts are remarkably useful. But let’s be real, even the best-intentioned presents can sometimes find their way into storage, or even better- they are re-gifted.  It’s the thought that counts, sure, but sometimes we just don’t need ‘more’ – our lives are cluttered enough. (Right?)  

Giving your loved one an experience that you can share together will foster memories to look back on for years to come. Consider venturing into the unknown, instead of cliché concert tickets look for something more unique, like a flight in a fighter jet or a package of “Goat Yoga” classes.

 Give Eternal Flowers

There’s something timelessly sweet about giving and receiving flowers. They are a gentle reminder that you’re loved. But with time, even the most expensive flowers will wilt up and die, leaving behind only a few withered-up petals.

Fresh flowers should be on display all year long, not just in the wake of holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. Bloombox has a service where you can have handpicked bouquets delivered to that special person in your life on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. It quite literally will be the gift that keeps on giving, even long after the holiday season is over.

Secure a Star

If there’s someone in your life that you love to the moon and back, it’s only appropriate that you gift them a star you found along the way. This unique website allows you to name a visible star anything that you’d like, which is then updated on a globally-recognized star naming registry.

Additionally, all of the star registrations come with a certificate of authenticity AND a celestial map to help you find your little piece of outer space. This extraterrestrial, super creative gift idea is sure to be the most out-of-this-world present they’ve ever received.

Solidify Fond Memories

It’s no secret that today’s highly digital age has largely shadowed our appreciation for printed photos. It’s all too convenient to click “upload” on Facebook and dismiss the preciousness of what a photo truly is; a snapshot of a specific moment in time when a memory was created.

The novelty of holding a real-life photograph is incomparable and irreplaceable. Compile a collection of photos that a loved one has posted on social media and take the time to craft them into a photo album.  Its permanent place on the living room coffee table will make for warm conversation at family gatherings.

Lessen Their Workload

The holiday season is filled with deep-belly laughs, moments under the mistletoe, and homemade frosted sugar cookies. However, it can be difficult to fully immerse yourself in the most wonderful time of the year when your “to-do” list seems never-ending. 

For the overworked Christmas elves in your life, consider tackling some of their most menial tasks in place of a gift this year. Wrapping presents is a job that’s sure to displace the holiday cheer in even the jolliest of souls. Taking some extra time to snip ribbons and seal envelopes will mean more than any cashmere sweater money can buy.

What do you get the person in your life who has everything? Let us know in the comments below!

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